Privacy Notice

1. Body Responsible, and Rights of Those Affected

The body responsible for the acquisition, processing and utilization of your person-specific data (Data Controller), in the sense of the European Data Protection Law is

Earth and Blue

10 West Point Lane

Suite 10-205

Biddeford, ME 04005

(hereinafter referred to as Hornet Watersports). As the body responsible, Hornet Watersports can be reached by email at

You can request, at any time and free of charge, information about your data stored by us, and can exercise your right to correction, blockage or deletion of your data. To this please send an email to

2. Why do we collect and store your personal information?

We are collecting, storing and processing your data in order to fulfill your e-commerce orders. 

We also collect personal information when you subscribe to our newsletter which can be used for marketing purposes. 

In addition, we are doing cookie-based visitor tracking on our website with various tracking tools including Shopify e-commerce platform, Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel. The purpose for this tracking is to gather general information on the behavior of our customers in order to provide them with better service, offers and overall customer experience.

3. For how long is my information stored?

Personal information is stored as long as it is relevant for carrying out the transaction, after-sales services, invoicing and related actions. Personal information can be also stored longer than this, if it is required by law for bookkeeping, product safety and warranty or other purposes.

For voluntary marketing subscriptions such as newsletter, we will store the contact information until the person chooses to request a removal of their information. Person can also, at any time, unsubscribe from all marketing communication.

4. Is my personal information transferred outside of the EU?

We use various 3rd party services to store personal data, in which many have their data centers and cloud services providers located in the United States and Canada.

When personal data is transferred to the United States, it is either done through EU-U.S. Privacy Shield or through contractual data protection addenda (DPAs) with third-party service providers. The main platforms where personal data is stored is our e-commerce platform Shopify and email marketing platform provider Mailchimp. 

You can find detailed information of their GDPR compliance in here:



5. Who will have access to my personal data?

Access to your personal data will only be granted to the employees of Hornet Watersports who need them in order to carry out their duties. The access to your personal information can also be given to selected partners and 3rd parties in order to fulfill your orders or to handle analytics and marketing services.

Your personal information is always stored in a secured server and accessing it requires authentication by username and password.

6. What are cookies, how do you use them and are they tasty?

We are using cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small file that is sent to visitor's computer in order to identify regular visitors and their actions on site and to make it faster to log in into your own account on the site. Cookies are not damaging or harming visitors computers. 

We use cookies to gather information about the visitors and the actions they take on our websites in order to improve the user experience, our product range and offers.

If you wish not to be identified by cookies, you can turn off cookies by accessing the settings of your browser.  

Real-life cookies, on the other hand, are tasty. Chocolate chip cookies are our favorites.

7. What are my rights?

You have the right to know what kind of personal information of you we are storing. You can send your written request to

You also have the right to ask us to amend any incorrect or out-dated information or to remove your information entirely. You also have the right to restrict or object the processing of your personal information in accordance of the EU GDPR regulation. 

You also have the right to change your previously given consent of the processing of your personal information or make a complaint about the processing of your personal information to the relevant governmental bodies. 

You also have the right to unsubscribe from marketing communications.

8. I have tons of questions, where can I send them?

You can always contact us at for any questions regarding to your stored personal information.

9. Gotcha, now how to I get back to the paddles and accessories?

Here you go. back to the store!

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